Question: Trump or Clinton

  1. Hi Ken,

    I dont think either are suitable to run the most powerful country in the world. Do you?
    If I had to choose, I would say Clinton.



  2. Clinton. Both have made mistakes but Trump’s attitude towards women and racial issues, as examples, have been terrible. Trump is less predictable, which could be damaging for the economy, healthcare and science. Let’s see what happens in the elections on Tuesday!


  3. I thing Donald Trump is one of the least fit people to lead one of the most powerful countries on earth. As Jenny said, his attitude towards women, nationality, race, religion and science is terrible. It worries me that he can say some of the things that he has and people will still vote for him!

    Hillary is far from perfect, but the better choice of the two!

    How about this guy instead?


  4. Hi Ken,

    As everyone else has said, I think neither Clinton or Trump are very good choices to be the President of the USA. If I was in America I would vote for Clinton though. Let’s see what happens on Tuesday!



  5. Hi Ken,

    Answering after the result of the elections I must say we are living in weird times!

    Forget about choosing between those two…
    We are going to see weird things happening from now on….




  1. conspiracy theory Hillary paid trump to run for presindent but be racist and gayist so that no one would vote but would also get famous and public attention but then he decided he could actually win this and then went for it