• Question: do you like emo scream music

    Asked by birthmark edmunds to Steve, Oli, Jenny, Hannah, Eleni on 11 Nov 2016.
    • Photo: Eleni Vikeli

      Eleni Vikeli answered on 11 Nov 2016:

      Hi Oli,

      I am afraid that is not much close to the style of music I like!
      I was born in the 90’s, so my taste in music is considerably different!
      Do you like it?


    • Photo: Oliver Charity

      Oliver Charity answered on 11 Nov 2016:

      Hi Oli,

      I’m not sure I know what it is, but I tend to find enjoyiment in most kinds of music, so probably.


    • Photo: Hannah Bolt

      Hannah Bolt answered on 11 Nov 2016:


      I’m not much of a fan myself – I like music that is a bit more upbeat like pop or rock music. Do you like emo scream music? If so, who are your favorite band/artist and would you recommend them to me to try?


    • Photo: Steven Street

      Steven Street answered on 12 Nov 2016:


      I like quite a lot of different types of music. I did have a bit of an emo phase when I was a teenager! So I do like emo music quite a bit, and some screamo too, but I haven’t kept up to date with anything for quite a while! One of my favourite bands is Funeral for a Friend though, love them! 🙂

      What bands do you like?