Question: are there any cures to bad eyesight that doesn't involve lasers?

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  1. Not that I know of! There might be something that I don’t know about, but the only thing I can think of to correct poor vision (other than glasses) is laser eye surgery. Maybe you could research other treatments to improve eyesight in the future?



  2. Hi
    It depends why the eyesight is bad. Other than glasses and contact lenses lasers are the main option. If the eyesight is really bad and laser treatment isn’t possible then lens implant surgery might be an option but this is quite new and is only really suitable when laser treatment won’t work.
    If the problem is dry eye then eye drop solutions might help, a pharmacist will be able to answer this.


  3. Hi updog!

    Well contact lenses & glasses are the most common. You can have corneal transplant too, and lastly some people are recently working on stem cell transplants to help cure vision problems!




  1. Hi jenny I need glasses for reeding