• Question: what do you do on your typical day

    Asked by 983drug42 to Jenny on 17 Nov 2016.
    • Photo: Jenny Batson

      Jenny Batson answered on 17 Nov 2016:

      Typically I go into the office and look at my plan on the computer to see what I want to do that day then if I’m doing an experiment I go straight into the lab because I like to get most of the lab work done before lunch. Everyone goes to the hospital canteen for lunch but we bring our own food so theres sometimes a fight for the microwave. After lunch I usually analyse some data or type up my lab notes. Often I work on another experiment or finish one in the afternoon depending on what experiments I have running. I check with my team what experiments they are doing most days so we can get the work done and I look at their data and discuss experiments with them and advise them on what to do next. Some days I research how to do experiments and put data and presentations together for by boss and some days we have meetings together.
      At the moment we’re a very small start-up company and most fail within the first few years but I want us to succeed so once or twice a week I stay late and do more experiments in the evening but most of the time I leave at about 6!