• Question: What is it like being a scientist?

    Asked by 875drug42 to Jenny on 17 Nov 2016.
    • Photo: Jenny Batson

      Jenny Batson answered on 17 Nov 2016:

      Its exciting because you think of an idea, read what has been done before and test your ideas in the lab by doing experiments. If you do the experiment right it should tell you something new which lets you plan the next experiment and this can help understand diseases and how to treat them. It depends what job you are doing though as to how much freedom you have. For me its a bit of a rollercoaster at the moment because we’re a small start-up company and we have a huge amount of work to do but we could actually make a drug for patients in the next 3 years so its really exciting and challenging! Its also cool because you get to travel to fun places. This year I’ve been to Sydney, California, Seattle, Nice and Lisbon for work!