Thank you from your winner – Steve!

Students, we want to hear from you too! Click here to go to your profile survey and tell us what you think for a chance to win a £20 voucher! We asked Steve to tell us about winning I’m a Scientist, and here is what he said… Firstly I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who voted for me over these past two weeks. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed meeting and chatting to all of you, and I wish you all the best in your future careers! I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the students who took part. You are what made this competition what it is, and you managed to ask us such a diverse range of questions! We had everything from drug discovery and cancer to politics, philosophy and religion. Hopefully you’ve all learned something new, and now have an idea of what it’s like to be … Continue reading

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And the winner is…

The students have spoken. The votes have been double counted… Big congratulations to the Drug Discovery Zone winner: Steven Street Hard luck to Jenny Batson but a huge thank you to everyone who took part. You were all brilliant. Students, don’t forget to tell us what you think about science now you’ve taken part. Log in to your profile, and fill in the new questions in the box on the right hand side.

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The next scientist out is…

We’ve counted, checked and rechecked the votes and now reveal it’s game over for… Hannah Bolt This leaves just “Happy, Excited, Curious!” Steven Street and “Determined, organised, enthusiastic” Jenny Batson to fight it out for the £500 prize tomorrow. Who would you like to see win tomorrow’s final battle? VOTE

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The second scientist evicted is…

We’ve counted the votes and you’ve now evicted… Oliver Charity The two scientists left standing after tomorrow’s eviction will battle it out in Friday’s final. Who do YOU want to see in the final? VOTE for your favourite! Students, has taking part changed your view of science and scientists? When you next log in and visit your profile, you’ll see a pink box with new questions on the right. Fill in the questionnaire to be in with a chance to win a voucher.

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The first scientist evicted is…

The first scientist you’ve evicted is… Eleni Vikeli One scientist will be evicted every day this week, and you get a new vote each day. Make sure to VOTE to keep your favourite in the competition. A student in each zone will win a voucher for asking great questions! And remember, you can comment on questions the scientists answer. Do you think the scientist is right? Do you disagree with them? Tell them!

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Who’s taking part in the Drug Discovery Zone?

Let’s meet the scientists and schools taking part… The Scientists Steven Street | PhD Student, University of Bristol I am making new cancer drugs out of sugar that stick to DNA and kill healthy cells less than other cancer drugs! Oliver Charity | PhD Student, The Institute of Food Research I use viruses to kill bacteria. Jenny Batson | Exonate, Cambridge I manage a biology research team, perform experiments, write papers and present data at meetings to develop new drugs for things like eye disease and cancer. Hannah Bolt | PhD Student, Durham University I make new medicines and antibiotics to treat a nasty tropical disease called Leishmaniasis, that is caused by parasites. Eleni Vikeli | PhD Student, John Innes Centre I am searching for new antibiotics from bacteria that grow on the surface of ants! The Schools Aith Junior High School, Shetland Aquinas College, Cheshire Bexleyheath Academy, Kent Bingley Grammar School, Yorkshire Brayton High School, Yorkshire Bristol Technology and Engineering Academy, Bristol … Continue reading

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